Rhino Buckets and Attachments believes in the power of people. From our workshop to our office staff to our distributors and through to our suppliers. We believe it is a combination of effort from individuals that drives the momentum of our company. The driving force behind our core values and mission statement is to achieve excellence in efficiency, growth, and innovation by fostering relationships and personal growth.

From the moment you first contact Rhino Buckets and Attachments we expect our difference to come through in your experience. Our customer service, assistance, and product knowledge will help you determine what it is you wish to add to your fleet. After your quote, and potential purchase your experience will continue. Rhino Buckets will provide you with machinery that has been manufactured to last a lifetime, and if it doesn’t our team will discuss our warranty options with you, so that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We strive to be the company you call when you require a product that we can provide, and if we can’t we will most certainly help you find someone who can. Rhino Buckets believes in building relationships with our customers, the stories, photos, and testimonials make our jobs easy, and make us strive to provide you with the best.

Joint Managing Director of AK Evans, Aaron Evans says,

“Rhino has great customer service and can quickly supply our requirements in a hurry without compromising on quality.”

The Rhino Buckets team is proud to be very multi- cultural with employees coming from the Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Iran, and of course Australia.

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